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5 rating

Morgan did a FANTASTIC job cutting my 1 year old sons hair. We had just left Headstart, just a few stores down and God bless that woman, she tried to cut his hair and did an awful job. I understand cutting babies hair isn't easy, but she was very proud of her work..(or lack thereof). When I walked in Sport clips, I told Morgan I needed help! She was very happy to help, very kind to us, very patient with my son, and overall did a fantastic job. She saw the botched job on my Little's head, and when she found out I had paid $26 for it, she didn't hesitate to give me the baby's haircut for free. I'll never go anywhere else to have my boys' hair cut. Never. Morgan is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone!

1 rating

I gifted my two grandsons to hair cuts. All concerned were severely disappointed with the results. The pictures she sent me could have not been worse if I had cut them myself. I am retired military and I had a better induction haircut in basic training. The joke was they asked you how you wanted it and commenced to cut it all off. I did not think there were worse barbers but you guys proved me wrong.

1 rating

My husband went in Trussville to get a haircut. There was 6 hairstylist. As each one finished they just went to the back or stood there. It was as if they each one went to take a break at the same time. No one ever bothered to speak to him in any way. Finally after everyone getting cuts left and stylist just standing around he left. FURIOUS MIGHT ADD! HE WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!

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Ian S | May 9, 2017 Overall Experience

"I enjoy getting my haircut at Sports Clips and Leslie is fantastic. She always takes the extra few m"